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When you volunteer you:

Find an opportunity to use skills you already have in a way that helps othersDiscover hidden talents that may take your career into a different directionGain invaluable experience which you can use to enhance your CVLearn new skills - expand your knowledge, experiences and skills - a life of learning is a life well lived!Meet and interact with new peopleGrow in confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem.

Essentially, you help us to help others gain control over their finances

St Lukes Advice Service is reliant on the skill and dedication of its volunteers to deliver its service. Whether you can commit time regularly to provide advice, or have a specialist skill you would be willing to offer pro bono, we would love to hear from you – contact us.


What our volunteers say -

"I have found my time volunteering at St Lukes very rewarding. I liked the fact I was able to gain a lot of hands on experience instead of being stuck with admin work. Working with different clients I have improved my interpersonal skills, which will be invaluable in any future employment. I would definitely recommend St Lukes to any student looking to volunteer outside of their studies". Charlott


"St Lukes was a fascinating place to volunteer. I have lived in Brighton for several years as a student, and whilst aware of the homelessness and financial hardship experienced by many, I didnt really have any idea of the real impact. Helping the organisation to run, and in turn helping the clients, provided the perspective I needed. Not to mention, I got to work alongside some lovely volunteers and staff! Personally, the administration experience really helped me in interviews further down the line". Mike


"I have been volunteering at SLAS for nine years helping people that need advice and those that dont have access to information around their circumstances. It makes me feel good that I can actually help somebody else". Leanne