About Us


St Lukes Advice Service (SLAS) is a registered charity, providing free debt and benefit advice to people in need. We are a free and confidential service, open to anyone in Brighton & Hove and surrounding areas.

St. Luke’s Advice Service is regulated and  authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

We: –

1. Provide a safe, relaxed and accessible environment for people to openly discuss their situation.

2. Empower people to seek solutions, through practical advice, guidance & exploring options

3. Provide empathetic listening

4. Are non-judgemental

5. Respect the whole person and are individual client centred

6. Are solution focused

7. Persist in seeing people through their crises (sometimes up to three years or more)

8. Signpost people to other agencies as appropriate

9. Recognise that clients may want us to limit what we do for them

10. Respond accordingly to constructive criticism & suggestions


As we provide money advice, St Lukes Advice Service is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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We have been audited by Recognising Excellence on behalf of the Advice Services Alliance and awarded their Advice Quality Standard – an award granted to organisations providing the highest quality of advice.



We work in partnership with other local agencies and are active members of the very successful Brighton and Hove Advice Partnership.



Since 2014 we have been part of the "Moneyworks" financial inclusion programme supported by Brighton & Hove City Council.



Serving the community of Brighton and Hove by providing practical help, advice and guidance to people in need.



We aim to see individuals achieve financial freedom.



The Christian ethos is core to the work of the St Lukes Advice service and this translates in dealing with problems holistically and looking at the whole person. We are committed to helping anyone who comes to our service, irrespective of gender, race, sexuality, age, disability or religious beliefs.


Our core objectives are based on Christian compassion, and Trustee, staff and volunteers work within these standards. It is these Christian principles that differentiate St Lukes Advice Service from other advice-giving organisations. Both Statutory and non-statutory organisations refer clients to the Service in the full knowledge of our background and of the professional service that is provided.


Our core values: St Lukes Advice Service believes that every member of society is entitled to access the same information and services, and to be aware of their basic rights as an equal citizen.