Vision & Values

Vision & Values

A high quality continually improving service, aiming to serve twice as many people, enabling them to improve their lives by achieving their best possible financial situation.

St Luke's Advice Service Vision for 2021

We are proud of the service that the volunteers, staff and trustees of St Luke's Advice Service have developed and delivered. We want to continue to improve the quality of our service and help more people. This is summed up in our vision which acts as our guiding star.

Our Six Strategies | The Route to our Vision for 2021

To grow the Advice Service in a sustainable way to enable more people to be helped.
To develop and strengthen our people, structures and processes to support the development of St Luke's Advice Service.
To improve service quality and increase access to our service, particularly for those who are financially fragile or excluded.
To develop and strengthen our finances to ensure resilience for the three years of this plan and beyond.
To develop and influence key relationships to ensure effective partnership working to the benefit of our clients and the successful development of St Luke's Advice Service.
Strengthen our external profile to support our strategic objectives - raising awareness of the work that we do and the impact we have on the individuals we support.

Our Values

St Luke’s Advice Service believes that every member of society is entitled to access information, advice, guidance and support services, appropriate to their needs and to be aware of their basic rights as a citizen. To help make this belief a reality we strive to;